Frequently asked questions


  • What is the difference between a hotel boxspring 20 cm and the hotel boxspring premium 25 cm?

    Both boxsprings have 130 Bonell inner springs per m² for an ideal support of every type of mattress. The differences between them are the height and the fabrics. The hotel boxspring of 20 cm has upholstery of the Scott Collection. The hotel boxspring of 25 cm has upholstery of the Sahara Collection. If you would like to receive some colour samples, we can send them to you. And of course we can always provide you with some advice by telephone or e-mail.

  • What is thread count?

    Thread count is literally the thread density of a fabric and indicates the weaving density of the cotton. A thread count of 300 TC means that it has a thread density of 300 threads per square inch. The higher the TC, the finer the bed linen and its quality. Our linen ranges from 200 TC to 800 TC.

  • What are the washing instructions for the bed linen?

    We recommend washing the bed linen inside out at 40°C (max. 60°C). You will get the best result if you hang your bed linen to dry in the open air and ironing is not necessary. You can also dry the bed linen at a low temperature in the drying machine.

  • What is ecodown or microdown?

    A synthetic filling material, which offers the same feeling as down fillings.

  • What is the difference between feathers, down and synthetic?

    A natural filling of feathers and down regulates the temperature and ventilates much better. DOUXE synthetic microfiber filling comes from Germany and gives the same light feeling as a down filling. A synthetic filling provides for a little more resilience and is sometimes perceived as a bit warmer.

  • How do I determine the desired hardness of my pillow?
    • You are a side sleeper

    As a side sleeper it is best if you choose a pillow that is medium to hard. You can either choose a synthetic variant or a natural filling of down and feathers. The synthetic variant will generally feel a bit more solid and provides for a little more resilience. A filling of feathers and down ventilates better and provides for a softer support.

    • You are a back sleeper

    Sleeping on the back is by far the best position to sleep in for your back and neck. To make sure that your …

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  • Which duvet suits you?

    What can you take into account when looking for a new duvet?

    Heat and moisture regulation: do you often feel hot or cold at night?

    Duvet weight: do you prefer a light or slightly heavier duvet?

    Duvet filling: do you prefer down, a down and feather combination or do you prefer to sleep under an imitation down variant such as a duvet with synthetic micro-fibres?

    Durability: The natural filling of DOUXE down duvets retains its resilience well. DOUXE uses Class 1 feathers and down. Because of the good …

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