What types of fillings are there for pillows?

Last Updated: 1 year ago

Are you looking for a pillow with a distinct, luxurious hotel feel? At DOUXE, we offer you excellent types of pillow fillings, both with superior properties that contribute to a comfortable sleep and a luxurious sleep experience.

First-class down and feather pillows

Our beautiful DOUXE pillows are filled with a combination of 30% down and 70% feathers, and our body pillows with a combination of 90% feathers and 10% down. The combination of these natural materials provides a first-class sleeping experience.

Pillows with microfibre filling

We also have pillows filled with an imitation down of 100% microfibre. Thanks to their innovative composition, these pillows sleep superbly and are also easy to care for. This pillow filling is suitable for almost everyone and is also available in a hypoallergenic version for extra sleep pleasure. A microfibre filling is available for every desired support: firm, medium and soft. All give you a very pleasant sleeping comfort.

Thanks to the flexible properties of the filling, you can easily mould your pillow into the desired shape, without the filling losing its elasticity.

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