How do I wash a fitted sheet or Molton correctly?

Last Updated: 1 year ago

Nowadays linen can be washed at 30 degrees, but it can also be washed at 60 degrees. We recommend that you wash the fitted sheet once before using it for the first time. Only the first time, the fitted sheet shrinks a little so that it fits exactly around the mattress. When washing, use a mild detergent for white laundry and wash with similar colours and use a mild detergent for coloured laundry and wash with similar colours. After you have done the washing, it is important to dry the sheets thoroughly. We advise you not to dry a sheet of percal in the drier but to hang it out to dry in the air. Percal has the wonderful property that it feels cool and crispy. Therefore it wrinkles a bit faster. After hanging it out you can make it up again tightly around the mattress. A very big advantage of percal is that it dries very quickly, often within an hour.

A little housekeeping tip from the hotel business: spray a little mist over the fitted sheet with a plant sprayer and smooth it out a few times with your hands. Then it will look nice and smooth again and you will be able to jump onto a wonderful, fresh, clean and tightly made bed! With a satin weave, you can in principle put the sheets in the dryer, because satin wrinkles less easily. But we prefer to hang it out to dry and let it air dry. Then it looks nice and taut again and there is no need to iron it. The same housekeeping trick with the plant spray also helps with satin.

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