What is the difference between percal and satin?

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Food for thought

Our Egyptian cotton fitted sheets (100% certified), with a thread density of 400TC (the higher the thread density, the stronger and softer they are) are available in two different weaves: percal and satin. First of all, it is good to know that both weaves are of exactly the same quality and that the difference lies purely in the method of weaving. Egyptian cotton distinguishes itself from other types of cotton because it has a longer fibre, which makes for a stronger thread. This makes Egyptian cotton very durable and high in quality. It is also naturally more moisture and heat regulating than normal cotton. Now the question, "do I go for percal or satin"?

Percal cotton fitted sheets

If you would like to bring a true hotel feeling into your home, go for a percal weave. The best choice if you like crispy cotton and if you feel warm at night. Percal weave provides good ventilation and a cooling effect. Perfect for the whole year, but a perfect delight in spring and summer.

Satin cotton fitted sheets

If you feel cold at night, go for the satin weave. This weave provides a silky soft fabric that feels softer and smoother. The fabric is a little heavier and finer-knit so it feels comfortably warm.

Fitted sheets in different colours

As icing on the cake, our fitted sheets are also available in different colours and can be combined with our matching DOUXE duvet covers. If you choose percal, you can choose from white, beige or blush pink. If you choose satin, you can choose from white, misty blue or latte.

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