Which duvet suits you?

Last Updated: 1 year ago

What can you take into account when looking for a new duvet?

Heat and moisture regulation: do you often feel hot or cold at night?

Duvet weight: do you prefer a light or slightly heavier duvet?

Duvet filling: do you prefer down, a down and feather combination or do you prefer to sleep under an imitation down variant such as a duvet with synthetic micro-fibres?

Durability: The natural filling of DOUXE down duvets retains its resilience well. DOUXE uses Class 1 feathers and down. Because of the good ventilation, a natural feather-down filling lasts a very long time. DOUXE also offers several synthetic duvets with an Ecodown filling, such as the duvet from Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam, made of 100% micro-fibre that feels like down.

Allergy-free: are you allergic to house dust mites? Research has shown that house dust mites do not like to live in down and feather bedding. Down duvets are highly ventilating and temperature-regulating. Moisture and perspiration are quickly removed and so the duvet remains relatively dry. It is therefore a very unfavourable habitat for house dust mite, which is dependent on moisture and sultry conditions. The down-proof ticking is an impenetrable barrier for mites, making the down duvets from DOUXE allergy-friendly.

Hotel experience: Have you slept in a specific hotel and want exactly the same sleeping comfort? That's possible, at DOUXE we offer you the same duvets that are used in the Pulitzer Amsterdam, Hotel Okura, Bilderberg and Hotel Mainport.

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